Top 3 Methods to Remove Dark Spots & Close Open Pores!

Removing dark spots of face is not easy and can’t be removed with surgical treatments. But don’t worry in this post you will get best treatment for dark spots on face. I am sharing top 3 amazing methods to remove dark spots and close open pores from your face.
These 3 methods are natural home made remedies with no side effect. It results in young looking and beautiful skin. Using these 3 methods for your skin care will help to remove dark spots and close open pores from your skin, make sure to use it properly by following our experts reviewed steps.

Treatment 1 – Morning facial mask to repair dry skin.
2 – Rice water toner for face to reverse aging.
Treatment 3 – Potato ice cubes massage to close open pores.

Top 3 Methods to Remove Dark Spots & Close Open Pores!

Morning facial mask to repair dry skin. (DIY Banana Mask)

  • To make this mask take 1/2 banana and smash it to a smooth fine paste.
  • Now take 1 tb’s of milk and 2 tb’s of banana paste & mix them together.
  • Once a smooth paste is formed, smoothly apply it on your face and neck.
  • Leave the paste for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it off with cool water.
  • Do this daily so it repairs dry skin which is also a cause of dark spots on skin.

Why we are using this banana paste for skin care?
Banana contains super wrinkle fighting nutrients that helps fade age spots and prevent fine lines. It also helps in preventing wrinkles from forming. You will immediately feel the difference that your face will become soft and souffle skin intensely.

Rice water for removing aging

  • To make the rice water, take a glass of water & add half of cup of rice.
  • let the rice soak water for 30 minutes, so the water turns milky or cloudy.
  • Meanwhile you can also mix it around, so the water turn cloudy/ milky quickly.
  • Once the water turns cloudy, stain the water and fill it in a jar or spray bottle.
  • That’s all you need to do, to make rice water toner which helps to clean your face smoothly.

You can also use this rice water for thin hair treatment.

Check out full method here: Treatment of Thin Hair with Rice Water

How to use this rice water to clean your face.

  • Spray some water on your face and let your face dry with air.
  • Regular use of it, will make your skin soft, tight and glowing.
  • Use everyday as part of your skin care routine for a better result.

PS: You can also wash the rice water off your face after some time with warm water.

Night time face mask with potato ice cubes.

  • To make this mask, take a potato, peel the skin and grate it.
  • Now add 1/2 bowl of pomegranate seeds & 1 tb of water to the grated mixer.
  • Next thing is blend the mixture, so it become juicy & then add some lemon drops to it.
  • Now finally when pour the mixture in an ice cube tray, make sure to fill each section and freeze it.
  • Once the cubes are frozen, remove the tray from the freezer. Now each cube can be used as a massage element.
  • Take one or two cubes and massage on your face smoothly. Leave it for whole night or for few hours & then wash it off.

This night mask will not only remove dark spots but also will help to minimize large open pores of your skin, improve blood circulation on face which will give it radiant natural glow.

Tip of the day

Simply remembering to drink more water frequently can help prevent dehydration in winter. Drinking plenty of water can give your immune system a boost and save you from getting sick often. Water keeps the skin cells hydrated and moisturized that will prevent blemishes, pimples, dark spots, and wrinkles. Further, the skin will get glow and softness just by drinking water.

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